Creative Flight Simulation

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A meme style graphic that say "Fly Air Fafifi"- A game for seriouus funsters" around and within the tail end of passenger jet

What is Creative Flight Simulation?

The Scrapyard Monster - A fictional aircraft constructed from an improbable mix of random objects found in a scrapyard. Visual 3D poetry made by add-on developer "Flying Frites"

Creative Flight Simulation is a range of activities that members of the Flight Sim Community undertake above and beyond the simple act of flying the aircraft that are available in the out-of-the-box Simulator application. These activities result in enhancements to the Sim itself and/or the way the game is played: the result is always greater enjoyment of the Sim experience.

In the MOMA World, Creative Flight Simulation is centred around developing and playing within the fictional Air Fafifi airline and it's associated Air Fafifi School of Aviation.

Many Creative Flight Simulation activities involve the creation of digital products which can be downloaded and added to the Sim. A great example is the Scrapyard Monster add-on aircraft pictured above flying over Point Cook (YMPC) - it is a fictional bush plane made out of scrapyard junk that probably wouldn't fly in real life - or would it? The beautifully simulated planet in MSFS beckons the imagination to dream further, for it is already dreaming that it is actually flying, the 'game' is that immersive..... and the sky really is the only limit.

The Dramatic Aspect: Others imagine themselves in dramatic scenarios, and go out on 'missions'. Virtual pilots fly with friends or find new flying buddies by posting online in a Discord server for example. They can plan their flight using voice channels and even mimic air traffic control and other flight communications this way. Then you can bring in the story element - let's pretend that there's been an accident at such-and-such a location. You can dress up your helicopter in an air ambulance livery and install addon objects and functionality, like stretchers and medical equipment for example. There's even mods that simulate actual accidents to locate.

Cinematic potential' kjagj onga nipgan f vn. [to be continued]


The idea to incorporate Flight Simulation into the MOMA project came in early 2020 at the start of the COVID-19 nightmare. Rose took up flight simming as a way to build up some online friendships and stay intellectually stimulated during lockdown. By the time of the mind-map, Rose had started an online course at TAFE NSW (Cert IV in Game Development) and work had already begun developing a board game that involved getting to an airport and flying to an island.

Scan of a journal page with lots of hand written words and shapes - a "mind map" about integrating flight simulation into the MOMA project

The image above is a digital scan of a page from Rose's journal showing a mind-map exploring the possibility of incorporating Flight Simulation into MOMA.

Discover Discord ... catch phrase .... "Get off to some flying art"

Playing MSFS in the MOMA Game

There are many ways that flight simulation can be used as a type of gameplay within the broader MOMA GAME. It is easy to see how the cinematic potential of MSFS could enhance the story telling element of the MOMA Game.

  • Flying a Story Flight - in face-to-face RPG game events where the story requires characters to be flying, a Sim flight could be undertaken. This would .... [to-be-continued]

Learn @ the School of Aviation

We have begun developing online learning resources for creative flight simmers, ideal for players wanting interested in finding out more about virtual flying and great for existing crew wanting to hone and perfect their knowledge and skill base.

Go to the Air Fafifi School of Aviaton and check it out.

Fun for Digital Artists & Developers

The Story of Fafifi is bigger than, but includes, the [[The Story of Fafifi Airlines|Story of Air Fafifi].

There is great scope to contribute to the MOMA Game by enhancing MSFS in some of the following ways:

  • Creating and enhancing scenery such as airports, locations and the Island of Fafifi itself
  • Creating liveries for a range of aircraft in the Fafifi Airlines fleet
  • Designing and developing mods and addons to enhance the capabilities of MSFS to enable more players to operate the Sim in new and exciting ways

The Fafifi Island MSFS Scenery Project

A screenshot of the Blender project draft prototype 3D model for the Island of Fafifi

Work has begun on our first Sim project - to develop a digital version of the Island of Fafifi in MSFS.
To find out more or get involved, visit the Fafifi Island MSFS Scenery Project page.

Air Fafifi: a National Airline

View through an airliner window showing an orange jet engine with fluffy clouds below and behind - blue skies peak through.
We can use the Microsoft Flight Simulator (MSFS) video game to play out and enhance the Fafafi Airlines narrative within the broader fantasy world of the MOMA Game. This is fitting because the airline has a significant place in the history, economy and culture of the Island.

Fun for Story-tellers & Writers

You don't need to be a developer or virtual pilot to get involved in Creative Flight Simulation - there is ample scope to imagine and integrate stories of flying to Fafifi into the MOMA World.

The Story of Air Fafifi

The Island of Fafifi has had a strong mariner tradition since it was first settled in 1780. International sea trade, particularly in the Asia-Pacific region, has been a big part of Fafifi's economy from the beginning the nation state - so it is no surprise that Fafifi has incorporated aviation into its transport industry.

The first aircraft to operate from Fafifi was a Dornier Do X flying boat obtained in 1933 .....

Research Notes

Video: moving around the cabin in MSFS

and another

Animated humans in the Aircraft