The museum that comes to you

Karen Runcell restores a damaged painting for the "358" Exhibition.
Karen Runcell restores a damaged painting for the "358" Exhibition.

The Museum of Moving Art is a planet-wide non-commercial public art project.

It can be understood to be an evolving work of art that is a composite of other works of art. Originally conceived as "street art with theatrical tendencies", it can be played as a game, or it can be approached more seriously - simply as a rather unique form of arts museum.

As a game, MOMA is played face to face at pop-up galleries in public and community spaces and also online here at wikimoma.art. Players can play as themselves or as characters they have created - they play roles such as curators, museum visitors, artists, benefactors, art scholars, bureaucrats, trustees and whatever else takes their fancy.

To some extent, MOMA is what you make it.


MOMA is inspired by buskers, street art and all of the great public art institutions in the world (but especially the Doncaster Museum & Gallery, Heide, and Buxton Contemporary).


The Museum was founded in the Australian winter of 2021 by David Freedom Rose. Visit MOMA's Story Garden to find out how this beautiful space came to be.

(Please be aware this is a work-in-progress. The website is being developed live.)