Welcome to MOMA

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Welcome to MOMA: a creative role-playing game framed in the context of community arts participation. Think of it as street art with theatrical tendencies and the "museum that comes to you".

The Museum of Moving Art is an interactive space for:

  • creating and sharing artwork
  • playing and making games
  • multimedia story telling
  • creative flight simulation

Find a more detailed description via the The MOMA Project link.

The Latest News

A white box with wheel chair side for a type of cart.

While the wiki has been down for the last few months due to server hardware issues, lots of hands-on-making has been happening behind the scenes.

The first of the MOMA II pop-up galleries is under construction. This version is called "The Share Chair" and is being made from wheelchair sides attached to a custom-built box (which will house the portable art exhibitions). The beauty of wheelchairs is that they are designed to be highly maneuverable and carry heavy weights. This MOMA II will be able to go wherever wheelchairs can go, including on public transportation.

Bryan (Titch) was commissioned to create a mural/poster design for the front "wall" of the Share Chair gallery and very kindly went the extra mile and made the beautiful logo which you can see at the top of the page.

The Share Chair is set to be completed for the public launch of The MOMA Project at the Renaissance Festival in Victoria, Australia during the Easter holidays 2023. The gallery will rove the festival with two interactive exhibitions:

An open studio will be set up in a marque for participants to make artworks for these exhibitions.