Tabletop Role-playing

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A game board with a light grey background and lots of circles with images forming pathways

The image above is from the now superseded first draft of the board for a game currently in development called "Fly Air Fafifi".
The board is successful - all the test players have loved it - so it is being fine-tuned in the current development version.

Fly Air Fafifi (FAF)

3 people at a table play a board game

The Fly Air Fafifi (TTRPG) is currently under active development and the Cafe Collab crew is game-testing it.
Here is a link to the draft Game Design Document (GDD).
The DevLog is a channel in our Discord server if you want more details on the progress of development.

Four people on and around a couch snuggling with a dog and smiling at the camera.
Ruchira, Venusia, Rose & Pradip snuggle with Dora the Explora at the close of Test 2 of Fly to Fafifi (tabletop role playing game night @ Catalyst).

Addressing an important Aim

Aim number 7 of the project is 'to use online digital technologies to bring people together in real life communal spaces that are safe, playful & creative'.
We do this around various strategies and structures:


Here is a link to the ARCHIVED development page for Flight_Mode (the earlier version of the Fly to Fafifi TTRPG).

Research Notes

Pineal gland Music for Theatrical entrances into MOMA world

You might want to slow this down and listen very very carefully!