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Cartoon of a floating island with a large tree showing its roots growing down under out of the floating earth.

Careful as you navigate around here - this wiki is alive - an evolving collaborative thing.
You may stumble across a page that is merely a seed, an idea waiting to grow,
an article that needs your tending nurturing care, or fiction that looks like fact.
This is the MOMA World.

Screenshot of writing about a Wiki


This is where you can find things to do on the Wiki. It's all creative - and can be considered work or play - how much fun you have is up to you ;-)

Something for Writers

  • Edit some pages - please. Bringing your editing skills to the Wiki is one of the greatest gifts you could give to MOMA. If you have an edit tab on the top of any pages that you visit, it means you can edit that page (usually you will need to have made a User account on the wiki and be logged in). Look around the Wiki and find articles (pages) that could do with fresh eyes and a new hand. If you don't know how to edit Wikis - click here. (See also Help:Contents)
  • Do some creative writing. There is plenty of scope for story-telling in here at MOMA...

Embed a YouTube video

Put the following code in you MOMA page:


Substitute the YouTube video identifier (the text after the | character in the code) with your own video identifier. See screenshot below - copy and paste the highlighted part of the YouTUbe URL.

Screenshot showing the URL of a YouTube video page with the main video Identifier highlighted

Random image code

<randomimage size="700" float="left" choices="Ode_to_J_Cocteau_Bottom_Detail_1200.png|TAKE A TOUR cubicos.png"|Anne_and_gemmas_hands.png />

Detail from Channeling Jean Cocteau - David Rose 2021 - Drypoint intaglio print on paper.

Note that the randomimage extension puts a box around the image and inserts the summary text of the uploaded file as a caption (if there is any).

Note! lots of


instances were needed (as a workaround) to be added to make it so that any following text did not sit to the right of the image.

This is the last Heading


List of References