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Logo/banner head for the Playful Creative event. The words "Playful Creative" on a colourful background of cluttered strewn objects like pens, paints, woolen, thread, tools, brushes, tapes, glues, pencil sharpeners, etc

Playful Creative: upcoming events in Melbourne

Following on from the success of the Cafe CoLab and with the active participation of a new contributor, Mack, we have evolved a new series of events called Playful Creative built on the Sunday Brunch idea, to be held at various venues around Melbourne's northern suburbs during Term 3 of the academic year. Click here to check out the Playful Creative event page.

Recent News

MOMA stall at Catalyst Fiesta

A montage of 2 images - the poster for the Catalyst Fiesta event and a shot of people sitting at the MOMA table making art

On the 18th May, 2024, Rose and Felix set up a "Mixed Media Making" stall at the Catalyst Fiesta fundraising event. Unfortunately our stall didn't actually raise any donations but it provided fun activities for the Fiesta attendees and half a dozen people sat down and made beautiful cards (as a consolation Rose spent up big at the garage sale and art auction ;-)

Rose at a table laden with art materials in front of a sign saying "Mixed Media Making" A smiling human checks out the art cards made and displayed on a table
Apart from the beautiful art-making, showing up and the fun had, another good thing came out of holding this stall. It took nearly a whole day prior to pack everything - all the bits and pieces. This has spurred Rose to make another studio art kart that can be wheeled out and into a van for easy transport of mixed media materials and tools.

A lot of progress has been made:

  • updating the wiki and integrating it with the Discord server
  • setting up Dev Logs for each component of the MOMA Game
  • Rose has been learning how to make scenery in the MSFS DevMode and
  • been expanding study notes into an online course for bringing in more flight sim community members and skilling up potential collaborators in the Creative Flight Simulation area
  • The online self-study course MSFS Addon Development (in the MOMA School of Arts) sees the first two modules almost done and ready for student beta testing:

- GDD-MAD-001:Prepare to Develop Addons in Microsoft Flight Simulator - GDD-MAD-002:Begin a simple scenery project in MSFS using SDK

Cafe Collab Takes Off

During the first part of 2020 the first big milestone for the whole project was achieved with the successful launch of Cafe Collab live in-person events at the Catalyst Social Centre in Coburg, Victoria, Australia.

3 people at a table play a board game

All though only 4 people attended, the evening was enjoyed by all - they intended to come back and some will bring friends next time.

Audrey, Kurt & Rose tested Level 1 of the Fly Air Fafifi TTRPG

Emma hung out, took some photos, and asked some pertinent questions (which was really cool). Margaret popped in to say hello and see how things were going.

Person using a flight stick at a gaming laptop with extra aircraft screen attached - image of small plane flying near a tropical island on main laptop screen

Rose gave a demonstration of Microsoft Flight Simulator and talked about Creative Flight Simulation and how it might work in the MOMA world. A further 3 more events were held at Catalyst and much fun was had game-testing the Flight Mode TTRPG and making art for MOMA. Different people came on different nights. It was great to have a variety of people attend an lots of input.

Archived News Stories

Here is a link to the Archived Weekly News

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