Playful Creative

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Logo/banner head for the Playful Creative event. The words "Playful Creative" on a colourful background of cluttered strewn objects like pens, paints, woolen, thread, tools, brushes, tapes, glues, pencil sharpeners, etc

A wholesome Sunday Brunch served with arts & crafts and a dash of creative play.

Upcoming Dates and Venues

NECCHi Newlands

  • Sunday, 21 July 2024, 10am - 12.20pm: Tabletop Game Making & Playing
  1. Co-facilitator (Group Activity) - Rose
  2. Co-facilitator (General Support) - Mack
  3. Co-facilitator (Extra Pair of Hands) - ???
  • Sunday, 18 August 2024, 10am - 12.20pm: (Group Activity yet to be determined)
  • Sunday, 15 September 2024, 10am - 12.20pm: (Group Activity yet to be determined)

Participants - please book at Humanitix Please note: nobody will be excluded for lack of funds (just turn up on the day if you can't get a ticket).
Potential volunteers & co-facilitators - please connect with the crew at the Discord communication channel, email or contact (0468) 948 109.

What is Playful Creative?

Playful Creative is a fun social event that is part of the project, a community collaboration that incorporates

  • game-making & playing
  • multi-media story-telling
  • art making & art sharing
  • creative digital simulation

Playful Creative is an all abilities, all ages and queer friendly space that welcomes allies, families and friends. People of all cultures & ethnic background are respected and encouraged to participate. Children should be accompanied by a responsible adult please. As part of project, these events are informed by community arts practice and the philosophies of 'art as a spiritual practice' and 'arts activism' (Artivism). Essentially, we see everyone as an artist and understand that art, crafts are good for the soul and good for the health of individuals (and the community) . As Loretta Monetta, Chief Curator at Museum of Moving Art says, "You are never too young too be validated as an artist - and never too old to claim this as your birthright".

Playful Creative runs on mutual aid and skill sharing - you are welcome to propose activities and ideas to add to the program if you like.You don't need any special skills or equipment to participate, just a willingness to playfully explore your own creativity and engage with others. We provide materials & facilitation for group activities. However, if you have skills, ideas, materials & techniques that you are keen to share, go for it! Playful Creative runs on mutual aid and skill sharing - you are welcome to propose activities and ideas to add to the program if you like.

Starting at 10am, Group activities and workshops will be facilitated in the first hour - these will vary from event to event. We intend to cover a broad range of arts & crafts, creative modalities and forms. You can also bring along your own projects if you like. There's lots of space and we want to keep it fun and relatively informal (it's a social event, not an educational course).

Brunch: There's a break at 11 for a cuppa and a feed. Please consider bringing a plate of food to share if you can. Tea, coffee & biscuits will be provided.

Freestyle: The last hour is not structured, it's a chance to maybe finish off projects already underway, just hang out or try something new.

Wanna be a Volunteer Helper?

At each event we hope to have a team of at least 3 people co-facilitating:

  1. Facilitator of the Group Activity
  2. General Support Facilitator
  3. An Extra Pair of Hands

The first two will generally have been more involved in planning the specific event. They organize the space, publicity and materials before the event; as well as lead & support the activities on the day. The Extra Pair of Hands is someone who can come along on the day with a willingness to help set-up, support the smooth operation of the Playful Creative event and help pack-up afterwards.

Playful Creative: Same event, Different locations

At the Newlands NECCHi trial, we're developing a protocol for an event that can be held in different locations and also hosted by various/different MOMA crews in the future. This Wiki page (along with the Discord communication channel), is growing into a repository of all the information and resources that others might need to get started hosting their own Playful Creative event in their own local communities.

Also, we're hoping to scale this to weekly events at different venues around Melbourne in the last quarter of 2024.

If you would like to get involved as a Co-Facilitator, please check out the Upcoming Dates & Venues above to familiarize yourself with scheduled events and note any vacancies, and then connect with the crew at the Discord communication channel.