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  • Connect to Discord Now - this link is an official invitation to the Discord server.
  • It is really important to join this server if you want to be an active participant in MOMA online ;-)
  • If this link is broken please email movingmoma@protonmail.com and let us know - we'll thank you big time!

What is Discord?

Screenshot of a Discord server window showing channel icons, discussion in the Story Garden channel and a list of members with their online status

The wikimoma server at the Discord community platform has several #channels where the MOMA crew hang out online to chat and collaborate remotely in real-time.

There we can:

  • text chat
  • voice chat (with video option)
  • share links
  • upload screenshots and other media files
  • socialize and support each other with the work and play of MOMA

You can access our server channels via your browser, or you can download the free Discord app (there are versions for Linux, Mac & Windows, and also your mobile phone). This link will give you these options and then connect you directly to our wikimoma chat server.

Beginners Guide to Discord