MSFS Addon Development: the self-study Course

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Screenshot of a DA62 light aircraft on the runway threshold with an island background and SDK dialogue boxes framing the Sim view on each side.

Welcome to the Course

The MSFS Addon Development (GDD-MAD) self-study Course is primarily being designed to assist flight simmers who would like to get into game modding by making addons for the Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020.

At the time of writing Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 is on the way, but MS & Asobo have assured us that the new Sim will be backwards compatible, so even if there are minor differences, what we learn in this course will be extremely valuable to aid us in making addons for both versions of the Sim. (Also MSFS 2020 is flagged for continuing parallel development beside the new Sim for some time to come.)


No formal pre-requisites exist, however, we assume the following:

  • being a self-motivated learner
  • having access to the Microsoft Flight Simulator (MSFS) app
  • having access to fastish internet bandwidth and GB download capacity
  • basic competencies in using computers and online resources
  • some familiarity and experience as a virtual pilot flying in MSFS
  • be willing to access and reach out to online communities for assistance and direction when necessary

Course Structure

The course is designed as an online self-study tool using wiki technology to organise the learning pathway into a series of course Modules. The course is self-paced so no time stress is involved.

In addition, the MOMA online community and the Sim developer communities are also available for collaboration and assistance. Making use of the MOMA Discord server will avail the student of opportunities to get real-time interaction in text, voice and video - as well as post questions and refer to forums (similarly other tried and trusted external resources are recommended in the body of the Modules).

The Modules for this Course

Here is the growing list of modules currently being offered and/or in development.

Please feel free to collaborate and create new modules (the wiki technology used at MOMA is open and primed for community input).

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