The Story Garden

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Everyone's got a story

But, not everyone feels comfortable going public with theirs, some want to. Even objects have stories, or at least evoke them - how often have you picked something up and wondered who else has held it, or who made it and why? Stories may be anonymous or proudly named. This part of wikimoma is about nurturing crafted stories in their many forms, be they documentary or fantastic in nature. They may be shared in any digital medium utilizing text, spoken word, moving images, or series of stills (or indeed any combination of these approaches).

Feature Story

Dr. Loretta Monetta PHP with art students Jack & Danoush, Nambucca Heads, 2021.

The Making of Loretta Monetta documents the creation of a MOMA character by the museum's founding artist David Rose. Loretta made her debut in the real world at special celebrations for the end of the TAFE art programme at The Youthie in Nambucca Heads, NSW. Find out how Loretta came to be and what makes her tick here.

The Story Garden

The Story Garden is a place for the germination, nurturing, growth and sharing of crafted stories. It is moderated but not curated. It is an open space where freedom of expression is the name of the game. There you will find stories posted made by MOMA creators. You can find or seek help, potential collaborators, or a place to shine. Enter, the gate is open!

A Curated Selection of Stories

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