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View of an airfield in the near distance through a light aircraft cockpit windshield

Welcome to the Air Fafifi School of Aviation

As the names suggest, the main design aim for both of the Aviation for Serious Funsters courses is - to make learning fun.

A lot of joy can be got from flying around the virtual world, but the more knowledge and skills that you have - the more fun you can have. Flying a plane can be a bit daunting but we have worked out a way to get flying quickly and build up lots of knowledge and increasing technical skills a little bit at a time so you won't get information overload.

Aviation for Serious Funsters

We offer two online Courses in Virtual Flight:

  • General Aviation for Serious Funsters is a good place to start. You'll begin with hand flying under visual flight rules (VFR) in a single propeller trainer and then move up to a twin engine DA62 and fly under instrument flight rules (IFR).

PLEASE NOTE: Development of this course has begun but the material is still in electronic document form and has yet to be migrated to the wiki. If you are keen to see it here please make contact in the Discord.

  • Commercial Aviation for Serious Funsters is all about flying big planes like passenger jetliners and cargo props. It is designed for virtual pilots who have completed the above course (with some considerable experience flying in MSFS).

While it is recommended that you start at the beginning, feel free to explore, jump in and have fun learning.

Who are the Courses for?

The first Course: General Aviation for Serious Funsters assumes no previous skills or technical knowledge of either aviation or simulator use – only a passion for virtual aviation (flight simulation). In fact, we have designed it for someone who is thinking about getting into flight simulation and has no idea where to begin.

Flight simulation can be an expensive hobby, but you can get started on a budget. We will look at how to set up a simple but low-cost hardware system that will give the most bang for buck and provide a highly immersive virtual piloting experience.

Both Courses may also be helpful if you have already starting virtual flying - and want to consolidate and improve both your knowledge and skill base.

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