Fafifi Island MSFS Scenery Project

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You have visited this page early in its construction - welcome.

Welcome the Fafifi Island MSFS Scenery Project

Work has begun making a fictional island for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020.
The original small scale 3D model created in Blender has been lost, but the screenshot below represents the original idea for the Island's shape and topography - it has been feeding the imagination of the writer since it was generated in early 2021.

A screenshot of the Blender project draft prototype 3D model for the Island of Fafifi

Can it be done?

Yes it can! The challenge is working out how and finding the people to do it. Time is not an issue, it is a long term project not driven by commercial interests or restrained by institutional palaver.

  • Even though development of MOMA has been lateral rather than vertical, a lot of groundwork has been layed down and community interest in the project is steadily growing
  • David Rose (Co-ordinating Artist) is committed & passionate to (1) learn how to do it and (2) to find a team of people to collaborate with
  • The modding communities of Flying Fries (creator of the Scrapyard Monster fictional airplane) and Federico Pinotti (avid MSFS scenery creator) have both shown welcome and offered support
  • The Thrustmaster i-Land scenery addon has shown that (1) the thing can be built and (2) that there is sufficient interest in the flight sim community to fly it and maintain it. There is no reason why the developers can't be approached for advice
  • The enduring success of the FlyByWire Airbus projects has shown that a large community of unpaid volunteer developers can succeed in creating large complex addons - even in the face of competition from commercial developers

Here's a link to the Thrustmaster i-Land download page: https://www.thrustmaster.com/thrustmaster-i-land/ if you want to check it out.
The airport to spawn into is TMFL.

Dev Log for the Island Scenery Project

The Development Log for this project is in the form of a Discord Forum

In summary David Freedom Rose is currently learning the basics on a small scenary project bere jumpin into the Island itself.

Study notes

Currently Rose is diving into scenery development tutorials and starting with adding a helipad to the default airport YMPC (because this airport features in the Story Garden of the MOMA World)

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