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"In an evolving and expansive way, the Museum of Moving Art (MOMA) is manifested from fantasy by players of the MOMA Game with the support of community collaborators in the community arts project." David Rose

MOMA as a hybrid-game

The MOMA Game is a hybrid-game in that it has several inter-related iterations (or current versions). Also, it manifests as blends of a variety of traditional game-playing forms (such as table top role playing board games, online flight simulation scenarios, live action RPG, etc). MOMA as a hybrid-game is the result of a creative experiment to integrate gaming into a community arts project. It is the interaction of the game-playing with the art-making that brings MOMA into being out of the imaginations of project participants.

.... work in progress ....


MOMA the Museum sits in the center of the MOMA Story Garden, the fantasy world of the game is built around the existence of the Museum - how it came to be, how significant it is to the characters in the games, and how the art in the Museum impacts the lives of those characters. The various levels of the various iterations of the MOMA Game provide ....

.... work in progress ...

Current Iterations in Development

Work in progress .....

Completed Iterations of the MOMA Game

There are currently no completed iterations of the MOMA Game.

Inspirational Video Sideline

Multi-dimensional etc