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If you like audience participation, you'll love MOMA.

A stylised computer generated image of an art gallery room with a door leading off to the right
A stylised computer generated image of an art gallery room with a door leading off to the right

The Museum of Moving Art is a planet-wide non-commercial public art project. It can be understood to be an evolving work of art that is a composite of other works of art. Originally conceived as "street art with theatrical tendencies", it can be played as a game, or it can be approached more seriously - simply as a rather unique form of arts museum.

As a game, MOMA is played face to face at pop-up galleries in public and community spaces, it is also played online here. Players can play as themselves or as characters that they have created - they play roles such as curators, museum visitors, artists, benefactors, art scholars, bureaucrats, trustees and whatever else takes their fancy.

To some extent, MOMA is what you make it.

358 Macksville to Bellingen

Flyer featuring toy bus in hand for recruiting artist contributions to the 358 Art Show

Link to 358 Art Show details here.

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Develop your Character

As Kurt Cobain said, "Come as you are". You don't have to develop a character to play at MOMA, you can play as yourself, but if you would like to develop a game character, click here.

Get Started Now

Well you already have! In the first level of the MOMA Game, players take on the role of Museum Visitor - so why not step inside and take a Guided Tour?

Creative Play

Having fun is self-care. If you're not a child, you have an inner child, and creative play is a great way to nurture that Self. We've got a huge variety of creative activities for people of all ages. So have fun expressing yourself here at the Museum of Moving Art!

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