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Online Offline[edit]

MOMA can be played as a game either online, offline or both.

An Example[edit]

By David Rose

Loretta, Jack & Danousha on the last day of the Youthie School of Art
Loretta, Jack & Danousha on the last day of the Youthie School of Art (l-r)

Dr. Loretta Monetta PHP, is a leading curator at MOMA. She is a fictitious character that I have created for when I want to play as a curator. I also play as myself, David Rose, when I am being an artist or a wiki administrator.

Loretta is a kind of composite character and has been influenced by Dame Edna Everage, Lorri Marie Jenkins, Patsy Stone, and my mum. My astrologer has described me as a curious paradox, and this amalgam of feminine personalities is perfect playground for me to be a parody of myself.

Loretta made her offline debut at a party celebrating the end of the TAFE Art Program @ The Youthie in Nambucca Heads, NSW on 18th June, 2021.

Creating your online character[edit]

This link will give you more instructions to help you in Creating_your_online_character.

Creating your offline character[edit]

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List of Characters[edit]

Loretta Monetta

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