Creating your online character

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Follow these steps

There are two main tasks:

  • create a user profile for your Character
  • edit the List of Characters (so others can find yours)

We will use the character "Loretta Monetta" as an example. What are we to call your character?

Showing the User Menu of a logged in user.
User menu showing Loretta as logged in.
  1. First you need to create a wiki account in the name of your character. You can have more than one account.
  2. Then go to the User Menu on the top right of the wiki page and click on your username, that will take you to your Profile.
  3. Edit your Profile.
  4. Create an image to be your character avatar and upload it to the wiki using the Upload Avatar link in your profile.
  5. When you have finished your profile, the next step is to introduce your character to the others by adding a link to your profile on the Game Characters page (see instructions below the following image).
Showing the User Menu of a logged in user.
The edited Profile of Loretta Monetta

Editing the Game Characters List

On the Game Character's page there is a list of characters who play at MOMA, this is how characters can find each other.

We are now going to create a link to your character's Profile, and add it to the list.

Showing the right click menu.
Right click on username to get the menu
  1. Before you go the the Game Characters page, you need to copy the URL to your character's Profile page.
  2. Go to the User menu (as you did before) and right click on the username.
  3. Select "Copy Link Address.
  4. Now navigate to the Game Characters page and select "Edit" from the Actions menu.

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