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The first gallery of the Museum of Moving Art is currently being built by MOMA's founding artist, David Rose. This miniature gallery is called MOMA I. There will be two exhibitions in MOMA I - the first one is called 358 Art Show and the second On My Way. We are currently looking for expressions of interest from artists who would like to donate original works to be permanently exhibited in the first of these exhibitions.

The 358 Exhibition

This exhibition will feature work from artists who live, work and play on country along the 358 public bus route that runs between Macksville and Bellingen in NSW, Australia. The show will be broad in scope and has one simple aim - to celebrate the diversity & creativity of the local community.

About your contributions

  1. All works need to be donated and will become a permanent part of MOMA's 358 Collection. When the book-sculpture is finished, it will be sent out into the world to go on it's own journey (being cared for by Honorary Curators along it's way).
  2. 3D works need to be quite small. They will be shown in a box section which forms the base of the book-sculpture.
  3. Digital works will be included on a USB stick & housed in the 3D section along with connectors to enable museum visitors to view or copy to their device. (All works donated to the collection will need to be given a Creative Commons license as a condition of being accepted into the collection.)
  4. 2D works can be on paper, fabric or any other flat material that can be either (1) stuck on to a page, (2) be placed in a pocket on a page, or (3) can be an actual full page itself.
  5. The pages of the book sculpture are 485mm tall and 395 wide and have been sized to allow works A3 and smaller to be stuck on them. They will have 7 evenly spaced holes down the left side (which will form the spine of the book) and be bound in by thread like the single page method shown in the YouTube video below.
  6. You can make a whole page if you like, just be aware that holes will need to be made along the left side of the page and stitching as shown in the video below.
  7. Groups can curate a section, 2 pages (4 sides) max. For example a school/TAFE class can collaborate to attach a selection of images to pages (the paper should be thick enough to cope with the weight of the images and manual handling). An art group or photography club could do the same.
  8. Writers may contribute e-books to the digital section housed on the USB stick. Alternatively a small printed book/booklet (or two), no bigger than A5, could be accepted.
  9. Photographers may contribute printed photographs or digital images.
  10. No guarantee is given that all offerings will be accepted (though MOMA I is being created in the nurturing spirit of exclusivity) Like wise all care will be taking in the making of the piece but creators must let their work go into the trust of strangers (relinquish any ownership rights other than the intellectual property rights assigned in the Creative Commons license). The protocols for Honorary Curators require them to take due care but they must need be excepted from any legal liability associated with custody of the works).

How the Book will be Bound

The book will be bound in the single page technique shown on Sea Lemon's YouTube Video, except ours will have seven evenly spaced holes instead of 2 groups of three as shown in her example.

Style, Media & Themes

All styles and media are welcome, but copies/prints are not acceptable - only originals. If your piece somehow relates to, or reflects, the country, people and culture around the 358 bus route, then it most likely will be acceptable. We are certainly working to be inclusive and reaching out to all sections of the communities in the area. Content should be suitable for a general audience that includes children, please consider the references to "Parental Guidance Recommended" and "Unrestricted Publications" at the Australian Government's Classification Website. The Curator reserves the right not accept any content that is deemed unsuitable.

Time-frame & Launch

Works need to be handed over by the end of October 2021 for a final build during November and a local exhibition and launch in December.

Contact the Curator

The 358 exhibition is being curated by Loretta Monetta PHP, she has had a long international career nurturing, conserving and presenting art, and has a passion for folk and outsider art - the latter subject being the focus of her doctoral thesis. (Loretta is a character played by David Rose.) If you are interested in participating in this project you are urged to contact Loretta as soon as possible to discuss intentions and ask any questions: Email - Phone/SMS - +61 468 948 109