The Digital Collection

Introduction[edit | edit source]

While a big part of MOMA happens offline in the studios of makers and in face-to-face engagement at pop-up galleries in real life, the Museum recognizes the importance and validity of Digital Art practice and therefore is building a collection of digital works.

The Digital Collection is being housed here on the Museum's wiki, but digital artworks are also exhibited in our Pop-up Galleries that appear on the streets and in community spaces.

A moving human figure stands in front of and between screens with patterned light projections on them.
Irrational Geometrics digital art installation 2008 by Pascal Dombis. Source:

Work-in-Progress[edit | edit source]

This page is in the early stages of construction... it needs to be finished...

Cartoon construction worker.

Feel free to add your ideas[edit | edit source]

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Form[edit | edit source]

Digital Art is created using digital technology such as computers, tablets and mobile phones, and can take various forms; these include websites ..

The Digital Collection Online[edit | edit source]

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Contributing to the Digital Collection[edit | edit source]

For the time being, if you are keen to contribute your Digital Art to MOMA please create an account and then leave a message for Loretta Monetta on her profile message board. She will get back to you and you can take it from there.

List of Potential Pieces[edit | edit source]

Here links to a List of Potential Pieces for the Digital Collection to peruse or add to.

Curating the Digital Collection[edit | edit source]

We're really keen to find people to curate the collection as a whole and also to curate specific Exhibitions of Digital Art. If you are interested, please create an account (if you have not already), and then leave a message for Loretta Monetta on her profile message board.