DiezelSun (creative project)

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DiezelSun - artist.

The creative theme of the artist.

The creative theme of the author is connected with the history of the Earth, ancient artifacts, ancient writings.

"Memories of the Future" is the most famous of the documentaries about the mysteries of the origin of mankind and the origin of civilizations. The film is based on the book by Erich von Daniken "Chariots of the Gods", which, like the film, became a bestseller all over the world. Its author, German researcher Erich von Deniken, shocked the imagination of the Soviet audience with his bold and audacious hypothesis — in ancient times there were cosmonauts of antiquity, paleoastronauts on Earth.

A little historical background.

The real history of the Earth is largely unknown. Why did the ancient peoples depict their Gods in some kind of spacesuits? At least they look a lot like astronauts. Where did they get such knowledge? Normally, it is not even known who built stone structures around the world... There are certain assumptions, but they still take doubts.

How, for example, to explain the ancient machine processing of stone?