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Cartoon character of a construction worker in a yellow hard-hat waving a yellow flag - they appear to be a non-binary person of colour

The page is definitely worth a look, but please wear a hardhat
and tread carefully as you have visited here early in the page's construction.
This is a wiki so you are free to contribute to this content.
Also if you want to discuss this page, please use the relevant channel on our Discord server.

Stylised yellow-tinted cuboid art gallery space with the words "work in progress" superimposed in black

Try to keep a standard visual style

We like the layout of this page!!!

It looks really nice to have a consistent visual style throughout the wiki with occasional special layout page for effect (and as required).

  • This layout also looks good (with the default wiki skin) when rendered by smaller mobile devices
  • If it is not broken don't fix it
  • KISS (keep it simple stupid)

How to use this page as a Template

Simply copy it and edit it with your own content. When you are ready to take away the under construction alert, just remove the first five lines of page content, as shown in the section below:

"Under Construction" first 5 lines

[[File:Construction-kid-3.svg|80px|left|alt=Cartoon character of a construction worker in a yellow hard-hat waving a yellow flag - they appear to be a non-binary person of colour]]
<span style="color: purple;>
'''You have visited this page early in its construction.'''<br>'''It is still worth a look, but please wear a hardhat & tread carefully.'''<br>'''As this is a [ wiki] feel free to contribute.'''<br>'''Please use the relevant channel on our [ Discord server] to discuss this page if required.'''</span>

Copy and Paste frequently used code

For example MOMA World story garden

the [[The Story Garden|Story Garden]] of the [[MOMA World]]

Discord server

 '''[ Connect to Discord Now]'''

the Story Garden of the MOMA World

Coloured text

<span style="color: blue;>'''This text is blue'''</span>
This code was not rendered coz it is wrapped in <pre>   <slash pre>

This text is blue

No Page Title


Makes a clean start to the page - if you put the tile in the first section Heading - thus:

Welcome to the Title Portal

MOMA Weekly News

By Co-ordinating Artist: Rose (aka David Freedom Rose)

  • The SIDEBAR navigation of the wiki continues to be fine tuned: an "Events" link has been added along with "Collections" replacing Digital Collection. "How you can help" has been deleted ("Donate and Gift" will suffice).
  • A new "Events" page has been added featuring our first regular event - "Tending the Story Garden" is a weekly online meeting on MOMA's Discord server to focus on collaborative storytelling - check it out!
  • Work has begun drafting an e-book "General Aviation for Serious Funsters" as part of the Creative Flight Simulation Program at MOMA. This involves developments in the Story Garden regarding recent the history of Fafifi when a School of Aviation was established at Fafifi University with a campus at Point Cook Airport (YMPC) in Australia. The writing of lessons on flying within Microsoft Flight Simulator is not only help me to improve my flight simulation skills, but is seen as a way of reaching out to the wider flight simulation community and hopefully find Simmers who might be interested in participating in MOMA.

Screenshot of a page from an aviation textbook

  • PLEASE NOTE: The news is usually updated every Tuesday. Archives of earlier weekly news stories can be found on this link here.

Random image code

<randomimage size="700" float="left" choices="Ode_to_J_Cocteau_Bottom_Detail_1200.png|TAKE A TOUR cubicos.png"|Anne_and_gemmas_hands.png />

Detail from Channeling Jean Cocteau - David Rose 2021 - Drypoint intaglio print on paper.

Note that the randomimage extension puts a box around the image and inserts the summary text of the uploaded file as a caption (if there is any).

Note! lots of
instances were needed (as a workaround) to be added to make it so that any following text did not sit to the right of the image.

This is the last Heading