Creating a piece of writing

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This page gives you a step-by-step guide on how to create a piece of writing by using this wiki as a creative writing tool.

1. Create a new wiki page using the URL

Click on the website title "Museum of Moving Art" to go to the wiki's main welcome page.

Snippet of the webpage showing the website title which functions also as a link to the main page
  • Select the text "Welcome_to_MOMA" in the URL field of your web-browser
  • Type in the title of your piece of writing (replace Welcome_to_MOMA with your own new page title)
  • Press enter

The wiki will take you to a form page with the title you have entered, but it has not created the wiki page yet.

In the example below I am creating a wiki page called "My new writing".

Snippet of the webpage showing a portion of the URL highlighted

Create your new wiki page by clicking the "Create" link as shown in image below.

Snippet of the webpage showing the Create page link

Type your writing into the data entry field.

Snippet of the webpage showing data field in a form

Remember to scroll down and click the "Save page" button to save your page.

Snippet of the webpage showing the "Save page" button

2. Some helpful tips for writing/editing you wiki page

Here is a link to the MediaWiki help contents page. MediaWiki is the engine that runs the wiki. There are lots of resources there to guide you through editing your page, including formatting and using graphics.

3. Link to your page

Where does your writing belong? Other parts of the wiki need to be edited to create links to your writing. For example, if it is fictional narrative we may need to edit the Story Garden section so that your work can be found there. Or if you want your piece to be printed and included in the Art as Text exhibition, you will need to draw the attention of the curators to the page.