Art as Text

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Art as Text is an evolving interactive exhibition which celebrates text as art. It homages the written word and those who are creative with words. The exhibition contains examples of creative writing, visual artworks that contain text, as well displays that explore the process of writing and text formation.


The exhibition is in the development phase. It is anticipated that it will be ready for launch & initial exhibition in The Share Chair gallery at the Renaissance Festival in Victoria, Australia during the Easter holidays 2023.

Contributing works to the Exhibition

There are 3 ways of contributing works to the exhibition: (1) by prior arrangement with the curator, (2) by interaction with exhibition itself in-real-life at the gallery, and (3) online via

  • Contact David Rose by email if you would like to discuss contributing some writing or a visual artwork containing text
  • At the gallery the exhibition will present several activities that will facilitate the creation of works that may be added to the exhibition
  • You may create a piece of writing in the form of a wiki page and flag it for inclusion in the Art as Text exhibition. Click here to get started.


The exhibition currently being curated by David Rose (who is looking for a collaborator).