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Welcome to MOMA

The Museum of Moving Art is a non-commercial street/public art project with theatrical tendencies. It is participatory in nature - an evolving project of projects. MOMA could itself be seen as a composite artwork - an artwork made largely of other artworks (perhaps a multimedia-collage or a mixed-media piece containing collage, artifacts, digital elements and performance).

People go to museums but this museum goes to the people. In the digital world MOMA takes the form of this very wiki, in real life it manifests as pop-up social art spaces, installations and portable exhibition structures/sculptures.

In a game-like-way MOMA invites participants to role-play as artists, curators, visitors, critics, and even benefactors.

Contact MOMA

For more information about the Museum of Moving Art, contact David (Rosie) Rose: Email - movingmoma@protonmail.com Phone/SMS - +61 468 948 109

More content coming soon.

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