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Princess Tahini
Custom information
Custom 1Greetings! I am Princess Tahini of Patonga. Patonga is a brief atoll in the South Pacific. Here is the Google Map co-ordinators South Pacific Ocean

-31.300787, 165.885896

Custom 2I am married to a man. His is kind but must obey me as I am Princess. He is just Consort. His name is Lord Kurt Geyer.
Custom 3We have a population of 3 when we inhabit Patonga. Me, my Consort and our dog, Piccolo. His is a beautiful breed of Whisper.
Custom 4I like to launch things, open things and sing!
Other information
MoviesSound of Music, Dancer in the Dark
TVThe Singing Detective, The Sullivans
MusicRadiohead, Oum Kalthoum, Danny Kaye, Dusty Springfield, Maria Callas, The Go-Betweens
BooksMoominvalley Midsummer
Personal information
Real nameKurt Geyer
LocationPatonga City,
HometownPatonga Island,
BirthdayMarch 20th
OccupationOpen things, launch things
Places I have livedLondon, Paris, New York, Nowra, Patonga
SchoolsNo, thank you!
About meI am of Royal Blood by marriage.