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People go to museums, but this museum goes to the people.

Call out to Artists!

We're looking for artist contributions of small works for the MOMA I exhibition "358", so if you live on the bus route between Macksville and Bellingen, NSW, find out more iioog ipsum gogum owr goihrg.

The Museum of Moving Art:

  • is a street/community art project with theatrical tendencies
  • it is also a composite artwork (an artwork made largely of other artworks)
  • MOMA is a series of pop-up installations/made-structures called "MOMA Venues", these function as interactive art-spaces that contain exhibitions of arts and crafts
  • the museum manifests online as this wiki
  • MOMA is non-commercial & run by volunteers

In a game-like-way, the Museum of Moving Art invites participants to role-play as museum visitors, artists, curators, critics, and even benefactors.

click here for a guided tour
click here for a guided tour