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= Mediawiki + Bootstrap

This website is a showcase for Tweeki a skin for MediaWiki (1.31+) based on Bootstrap (v3.4.1 or v4.4.1 via opt-in). It tries to implement as much of Bootstrap's functionality as possible, allowing to use it very easily and with very reduced markup, and features many configuration options.

Attention! This website uses the possibility to <btn class="alert-link" wrapper="">Configuration_Options#Bootstrap_4|opt-in for Bootstrap 4</btn>.

highly configurable

without the need to tweak Tweeki itself – no conflicts when updating!

userfriendly for newbies

possibility to hide specific functionality that may not be needed in your specific setup


act like a website and profit from MediaWiki's features internally

semantic wikis

aiming for highest compatibility with Semantic MediaWiki and Page Forms


Tweeki is hosted on GitHub and can be easily downloaded, cloned or forked. <btn> Tweeki on GitHub »</btn>


The installation procedure is very simple and takes only a few minutes. <btn>Installation|Read Intructions »</btn>


Most of the things that are possible with Bootstrap are possible with Tweeki. <btn>Components|See how to do it »</btn>

Tweeki was originally developed for the discontinued Skriptenforum project.
It was made possible through the financial support of:
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