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Cartoon character of a construction worker in a yellow hard-hat waving a yellow flag - they appear to be a non-binary person of colour

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Stylised yellow-tinted cuboid art gallery space with the words "work in progress" superimposed in black

Addressing an important Aim

Aim number 7 of the project is 'to use online digital technologies to bring people together in real life communal spaces that are safe, playful & creative'. We do this around various strategies and structures:

Tabletop board game in Development

A game board with a light grey background and lots of circles with images forming pathways

Some progress in the development of the TTRPG and LARP options has already been achieved. As more people get involved in the project, this progress will advance more speedily. The focus of development will follow the interest and commitment of participants.

Here is a link to the development page for Flight_Mode (the working title for our first TTRPG.

Fly to Fafifi - Level 1

The image above is the first draft of the board for a game in development called "Fly to Fafifi". ... [needs more writing]