Navigation in Commercial Aviation

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This page is the early stages of work on this study subject.


This document has commenced as study notes on the topic of navigation as it applies to large commercial aircraft in the Sim such as the A320. Eventually it will be integrated into the course structure of Commercial Aviation for Serious Funsters


Holds are usually assigned by Air Traffic Control in order to organize and seperate aircraft arriving at an airport.

Watch a Video

The video tutorial by a real A3230 pilot who is also a Simmer, introduces holds and how to use the MCDU to execute them. The following learning is based on the video.

Summary of Main Points

  • Holds can be flown manually by the pilot or automatically by the flight computer (MCDU)
  • When a hold appears on a published chart, the chart information takes precendence (over-rides) the hold information that has been pre-programmed into the MCDU data base
  • Pilots must check the chart before executing a hold