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If you like "audience participation", you'll love MOMA!

The Museum of Moving Art is a street / community art project with theatrical tendencies. It takes the form of a role-playing game. The game is played face-to-face at pop-up galleries around the world, and at wikimoma here online. Players can play as themselves, or create characters. They play roles such as: museum visitors, artists, curators, art scholars, bureaucrats, trustees and benefactors.

Hands of Jean Cocteau (1927) Berenice Abbott - gelatin silver print

Please Note

This wiki (website) is still in development, but you are very welcome to check out our progress (some links might not yet work or they might lead to content that is still being created). Please feel free to create an account and get involved, we'd love to have you aboard!

Random Image

The image above is chosen from a curated collection and randomly selected by the MediaWiki software that powers this website. If you would like to take the Random Image Challenge by (1) having your work displayed here on the welcome page, or (2) curating a collection, click on this link to find out more.

Artists from Macksville to Bellingen

We're seeking artists who live along the 358 bus route to consider contributing small works to a permanent traveling exhibition we are currently curating. We want the "358" Exhibition to celebrate the people who live here by reflecting diversity and connection, country and culture. Find out more

Develop your Character

As Kurt Cobain said, "Come as you are". You don't have to develop a character to play at MOMA, you can play as yourself, but if you would like to develop a game character, click here.

Get Started Now

Well you already have! In the first level of the MOMA Game, players take on the role of Museum Visitor - so why not step inside and take a Guided Tour?

Computer Collaborators

Using digital technology to bring people together in community spaces is an important part of the MOMA game. Help developing this wiki would be gratefully appreciated. Skills and/of passion anyone? An iMac could find a new home and be well used by Rosie if you know where there's a free or cheap one ;-)

Creative Play

Having fun is self-care. If you're not already a child, you have an inner child, and creative play is a great way to nurture that Self. We've got a huge variety of creative activities for people of all ages. So have fun expressing yourself here at the Museum of Moving Art!