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NEWS: Good Progress on MOMA's First Pop-up Gallery

An art kart formed by an elegant dual leveled white wooden box with wheel chair sides, the back face (door) is opened and propped up by a modified light weight tripod light stand so that a flat bench like surface is produced for displaying artwork.

Work on the main structural aspects of the "The Share Chair" MOMA II pop-up gallery is now complete and all that remains to be done are the finishing touches - the decorative miniature art gallery at the front of the piece and fittings to secure the rear door/display surface. The Share Chair has been made from wheelchair sides attached to a custom-built box, which will house the portable art exhibitions. The beauty of wheelchairs is that they are designed to be highly maneuverable and carry heavy weights. This MOMA II gallery will be able to go wherever wheelchairs can go, including on public transportation.

Find out more on the MOMA II Share Chair page.

Protocols for the Making of MOMA II Galleries

The Protocols of MOMA provide a conceptual framework that governs the creation of 3 types of MOMA Galleries - these are the pop-up installations/structures that are taken into the streets & community places in order to engage people with the arts & crafts that they contain.

The main design principles for MOMA II Galleries are:

  • free-standing visually appealing 3D structures
  • light enough and small enough to be handled and moved by one person (may be carried or have wheels)
  • able to be carried on public transportation
  • safe to withstand a light-medium strength wind and not cause any hazard to community members
  • any electrical components to be safe (low voltage DC)
  • be shower proof (have covers that are easily applied or rain proof surfaces) for safe transportation

How to make a MOMA II Gallery

There can be more than one iteration of a MOMA II gallery. If you would like to make one follow these steps:

  1. Simply use your imagination to design and create a structure that conforms to the design principles listed above. Make it yourself or find others to collaborate with. Please be mindful to keep yourself safe whilst making and make a structure that is safe for community members to engage with.
  2. Create a wiki page for your version of the MOMA II gallery (see below)
  3. Add a link to your gallery page to the list at the bottom of this page

How to make a MOMA II Gallery wiki page

  • Name your version/iteration of the gallery. (In this example let's pretend we will make a gallery out of sealed cardboard boxes and we choose to call our version "The Box Tower").
  • Open in a new tab or window
  • In the search bar at the top of the wiki type in "MOMA II _________", where the underscore line is the name of your gallery. Using our example you would type "MOMA II The Box Tower"
  • Press the search button. Hopefully you get a page like this:

Wiki search results presenting "NO RESULTS MATCHING THE QUERY" and a link in red to Create the page on this wiki.

  • Click on the red link to create the new page

List of MOMA II Galleries