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This gallery takes the form of a "book sculpture". As the Museum of Moving Art is an evolving and participatory project, the protocols anticipate and allow for others to make more of these (see below).

The first one is currently under construction in Nambucca Heads, NSW, Australia and is being made by the founding artist David Rose - in collaboration with fellow students and teachers at the TAFE NSW arts program held at The Youthie. It is called MOMA I (Vol 1), the second is being made privately by David and will be called MOMA I (Vol 2) - any subsequent iterations of MOMA I will be named (Vol 3... etc).

Design features include:

   a box structure to enable the inclusion of small 3D pieces
   an included or accompanying book to describe the work, the exhibitions, curatorial notes and a catalog of exhibited artifacts
   a system of stewardship (Honorary Curators)
   space for other artifacts to be added
   a secret destination

When the creators of a MOMA I gallery have finished making their piece, they must send the work out into the world. It goes on it's own journey via an unknown path towards its secret destination. It grows as it travels. To find out more about the MOMA I adventure - click here.

In most Museums you are not allowed to touch the artifacts on display, this is not the case with MOMA I Galleries.

Tactility is a core feature, they are designed to be touched. Books can be held, they are very portable and there is a long tradition of sharing them.

How to find MOMA I Galleries


How to make your own MOMA I


Detailed Protocols for MOMA I Galleries