MOD-GDD-001: Introduction to Game Design and Development

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This Module is designed to introduce newbie developers to the Developer Mode built in to MSFS and get them connected to the wider Development Community online with an array of resources that will get you off to a flying start in your ...


In order to succeed in this course you need to:

  • be somewhat familiar with Microsoft Flight Simulator (MSFS) as a virtual pilot
  • be a self-motivated learner
  • be prepared to reach out online for help if you need it (we'll give you some resource and contacts in the sections below)
  • work at your own pace
  • most importantly, have completed the 3 easy steps at the Join the Team page ;-)

Get Setup First

A screenshot showing the Developer Mode menus in the MSFS user interface

To get the most out this Module, we recommend that you setup the following before we proceed with the scenery making component:

  • Turn on Developer Mode under General Options/Developers
  • Install the SDK (the MSFS Software Development Kit)
    - Install the Core and the Samples (as shown in the first section of this video by Patriot Six[1] or described in this section of the MSFS SDK Online Documentation).
  • Setup a folder in your web-browser favourites/bookmarks system called "MSFS SDK"
  • In your MSFS SDK browser folder, create bookmarks (or favourite) the following website URLs
    - MSFS SDK Documentation
    - FSDeveloper Forum (create an account there)
    - FSDeveloper Wiki
    - FSDeveloper Wiki
  • If you haven't already, install the Discord app on your PC and join the WIKIMOMA Server