Frost on the Swag

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By David Rose

A life-changing experience

In the year 2000 I was soul-searching. I took a video camera with me on a journey to document my search for community: a thing I thought was missing in my life, a thing I did not know how to define.

Soon into my journey I heard about "Walking the Land" with Uncle Kevin Buzzacott. He peace walked for peace, justice & ancient rights, carrying sacred fire in a coolamon and leading a growing group (a kind of tribe) under the auspices of the Aboriginal Tent Embassy. I joined in Wiradjuri country and stayed with the walk to Botany Bay in Sydney ("the foot" as Uncle Kevin called it) - there our Sacred Fire met up with the Olympic Torch.

Below is a little movie I made, one of my first documentaries. I love it because I used no voice over commentary, I wanted to make the docos with the people rather than about them. I feel "Frost on the Swag" really portrays the spirit of community I discovered on "the walk".