Communication Overview

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The Discord platform

For an intuitive and highly featured live chat experience, we use the Discord server. There you can attend online meetings, collaborate, get technical support, etc.


You can read threads and start public discussions at the MOMA Forum discussion board - it is fully functional!

Discussing individual pages

Showing the '"Discussion" option on the Actions menu.

Every webpage in this wiki has a Discussion Page, where discussion about that page can occur. Access it via the "Discussion" item in the Actions menu of the page you wish to discuss (excellent for collaborating on that page's contents).

Message Boards on User Profiles

Your user Profile page has a personal message board that other logged-in users can leave messages on.

User profile showing Message Board

Go to user profiles by clicking on any link to their username, or by accessing the List of Users item in the Communicate menu (in the bar at the top of every webpage).

The Page Comment Service

Some pages have a Comment function at the bottom of the page or relating to a particular section - feel free to leave brief public messages there.

Showing page comment service.

External communication

For prompt attention you may contact MOMA's founding artist David Freedom Rose regarding any aspect of the Museum ---> Email: or SMS/phone: +61 468 948 109