Assembling the Game Paraphernalia

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When you first get the Game Start-up Kit, and before you play your first game, you need to assemble the Game Paraphernalia ready for play.

Game Paraphernalia

The following is provided in the Game Start-up Kit which you can make up yourself from the printed artwork [downloaded from here], together with resources readily available in most local communities or (2) you can mail order a Pre-made Starter Kit.

As MOMA is about arts participation, the putting together of the board and making the tokens is part of the process of gameplay for the First Game Master (who has the option of Customizing the Game Board if they so wish).

The Game Start-up Kit consists of:

  • 1 X large sturdy brown paper shopping bag
  • 1 X cardboard shoe box
  • 1 X small carboard box
  • 1 X passenger Jetliner Model (A32-NX)
  • 1 X cargo container
  • 3 X pieces of thick cardboard size ?? x??
  • 2 X playing board Cover Sheets
  • 1 X Game Token Master Sheet
  • 1 X dice
  • ?? X Manilla folders containing master sheets of gameplay pages

Making the Game Board

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Making the Game Tokens

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Making the Jetliner Model

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