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Hello! Is there anybody there?

There may or may not be somebody available right now - have a look see. There are two ways of talking with others at MOMA in real-time. The best one first:

1. Discord

The wikimoma server at Discord is the most fully featured way to chat and collaborate in real-time at MOMA. It boasts:

  • text chat
  • voice chat (with video option)
  • share links
  • upload screenshots and other media files

To access Discord you will need to download and install a free Discord app. You can install and use Discord on Linux, Mac & Windows as well as on your mobile phone. The following link will take you to the appropriate download site for your device and then connect you to the wikimoma server. Connect to Discord Now. If you already have Discord running it will connect you to us as well.

2. Wiki Webchat

We have a simple text Live Chat interface that works in this wiki (without you leaving here and installing separate software). To chat with other wikimoma users that might be logged into the Live Chat, click here.