Welcome to MOMA

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Welcome to MOMA: a creative role-playing game framed in the context of community arts participation. Think of it as street art with theatrical tendencies and the "museum that comes to you".

The Museum of Moving Art is an interactive space for:

  • creating and sharing artwork
  • playing and making games
  • multimedia story telling
  • creative flight simulation

Find a more detailed description via the The MOMA Project link.

A work-in-progress


The wiki you are viewing is a work in progress. First and foremost it forms the conceptual framework for an expansive & interactive composite artwork called the Museum of Moving Art which is being created by founding artist David Freedom Rose as a work of global public art. To reach its full potential, MOMA requires the input of community collaborators - the output of players who choose to contribute.

Rose invites you to wander and to wonder, to explore this wiki in the same way you would explore a museum - with a curious mind and an open heart. Mainly you will find here only digital art and pathways to making and exploring the physical/analog components that exist IRL off-line.

A substantial foundational body of physical component artworks are being created by Rose, so that MOMA can actually work even without the contribution of Community Collaborators. It is envisaged that this body of work (and the role-playing characters of Rose) will be the main means of engaging Community Collaborators.

MOMA's First Pop-up Gallery


Work on the main structural aspects of the "MOMA II Share Chair" pop-up gallery is now complete and all that remains to be done are the finishing touches - the decorative miniature art gallery at the front of the piece and fittings to secure the rear door (which also functions as a display surface when propped open). The Share Chair has been made from wheelchair sides attached to a custom-built box, which will house the portable art exhibitions. The beauty of wheelchairs is that they are designed to be highly maneuverable and carry heavy weights. This gallery will be able to go wherever wheelchairs can go, including on public transportation. (More details here.)

Calling out to Artists


We are looking for artists in any medium to contribute art works to MOMA for exhibition. For more information please contact David (Rosie) Rose: Email - movingmoma@protonmail.com Phone/SMS - +61 468 948 109 or have a chat on our Discord Server