Welcome to MOMA

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Acknowledgement of First Nations People

The Museum of Moving Art acknowledges Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as Australia’s First People and Traditional Custodians, and similarly we acknowledge First Nations Peoples all over Mother Earth. We recognise that they have a continuing connection to the land, its waters and the communities where the Museum develops and grows. We pay our respects to Elders & Communities past and present. We are committed to making a positive contribution to the wellbeing of all First Nation's People by providing services that are welcoming, safe and culturally appropriate.

The Museum as a Work of Art

FAFIFI: Art, Propaganda & Otherness is an essay by David Rose exploring the challenges presented by issues such as racism, colonisation and cultural appropriation in an international narrative-driven creative project like MOMA. To read the essay please click on the image above

The Museum of Moving Art (MOMA) is a fantasy brought to life through engagement and play by participants in the wikimoma.art community arts project.

MOMA is itself a work of art, more specifically a composite artwork (an artwork comprised of other artworks). It takes form in the physical world as an expansive and evolving matrix of visual & performance art, pop-up installations, games, stories and digital media.

MOMA exists in the project's core fictional narrative as a prestigious arts & cultural institution in the Commonwealth of Fafifi, an island nation in the South Pacific . The Museum of Moving art building is a spectacular architectural masterpiece nestled into a cliff face overlooking the Ocean - this placement reflects the fact that the MOMA has carved out it's own niche in the international arts world.

The Project

The first contribution to the Digital Collection, click the image to see more.

wikimoma.art is an evolving & expansive non-commercial community arts project that explores the intersections between fantasy, reality and the digital realm. It is being undertaken as a cultural expression of the international Queer Community.

Access to the project is facilitated and co-ordinated via this wiki. Participants in the project engage by making and sharing art & stories, as well as by making & playing games.

wikimoma.art has three major themes:

  • aviation
  • art & museums
  • a dramatic narrative set on a fictional island of Fafifi

Find a detailed description of the project in the About article.

A straight-friendly Queer Space

Level 3 - David playing Loretta Monetta with Jack & Danousha at TAFE

Founding artist David Rose states that "one of the main design goals of the wikimoma project, is to create a straight-friendly Queer Space and to provide a context for the mainstream community to explore Queer ethnicity and cultural expression". He goes on to explain that "it is natural for any minority within a dominant society to seek out their own, to find & create spaces within the whole (a microcosm) where they are not the minority - a place where they are not subject to the often subconscious oppression of the dominant society, in these safe cultural spaces they can express their authentic selves. It is a great honour for an "other" to be invited into these safe community spaces, and if you have been invited, it means you have been given some trust that you will be respectful - and careful."

Make, Play, Share

MOMA was originally conceived of as "street art with theatrical tendencies" and has a strong role-playing component. Early and obvious roles to play were those of museum visitor, artist and curator (along with other roles associated with the existence of museums). As the project evolved however, MOMA found its home on Fafifi and the gaming element became more developed - this opened up a whole new world and a greater variety of potential fantasies, particularly those involving aviation and travel.

If any of this makes any sense to you and you are interested, you can get involved right now by simply creating an account here, then you can contribute to this wiki as you explore it. You may find other players, participants & collaborators currently online at our Discord server (where you can chat in real time, share screens and have voice/video calls if you like).

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An imaginary Island in the Pacific

Fafifi is a special island with a pristine environment, a remarkable history and a unique vibrant culture. It has developed a booming economy based on the arts, organic agriculture, aviation and education. Fafifis have achieved social and economic success by protecting and maintaining their traditional cultural values & ethics, by promoting personal & national sovereignty and by successfully resisting European colonisation.

We warmly welcome and encourage the leadership participation of Pasifika First Nations individuals & community groups in the design & development of this project. Please feel free to create content at this wiki and in the Discord platform. Click here to track The Development of Fafifi concept.

Current focus of Development

Fafifi's airport is name after Amelia Earhardt - a pioneering aviator.

Four main areas of the wikimoma.art project are currently being developed:

  • The core fictional narrative and the conceptual framework of the project.
  • A physical table-top board game called Flight Mode is well into development with a prototype expected to be play tested in the coming months. Check out the Game Development Document (GDD) here.
  • Currently good progress is being made researching the possibility of utilizing the dramatic and cinematic potential of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 as a way of playing in the MOMA story world. It looks very promising! So far we have determined that some of the preliminary design ideas are indeed feasible (if not ambitious): a fictitious island integrated into the sim and interactive cabin animations involving flight attendants & passengers.
  • This wiki, which is the project's central resource.

Start playing now!

You don't have to be an artist to play at MOMA, but if you want to, you can have fun pretending.

While the formal MOMA games are still in development, this wiki is fully functional and provides a great online space where you can interact with the MOMA story world. To start playing now, create an account and begin by exploring the links on the left. You may find other players currently online at our Discord server. Some fun activities are available via this link: Start Playing Now.